You can contact chef Moeller to purchase his book and he can personalize and ship it to you. 

Dining at the White House

 If you are looking for someone to speak at a corporate event, head line a Charity theme gala event or a private dinner party, Chef Moeller can elevate the experience of any gathering. For thirteen years, Chef Moeller worked in the Executive Residence for three First Families starting with President George HW Bush, President Bill Clinton and President George W Bush.  Chef Moeller can offer a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the White House. As a chef at the White House he was close to the First Family and can share his personal and professional anecdotes from private dinners, memorable State Dinners, and 9/11. His talks are tailored to each event and can include cooking demonstrations. White House themed menus can be recreated. His Book Dining at the White house would make a great gift for your guests and he will have it available for sale and signing.